We want to make an impact in your life by bringing you closer to your loved ones!


Going Go Gone (GGG) is a travel savings account service. We help customers Lay-Bye for their holiday destinations. We aim to help people travel debts free!

The Travel service sector in South Africa has a vital role to play in both our economy and general South African citizens. However the lack of traveling due to lack of affordability can (if not already) is posing a great threat to our economy and our beautiful citizens.

While trying to find solutions to both these problems, we have come up with a solution to help both the South African travel sector and the general public, especially those who travel across the country on a sometime yearly basis.

With all the Economical challenges facing our country, and while every household is doing their best not to drown economically, it does not mean we should also forget our very important human need which is “PEACE OF MIND” However there is a great threat to this peace of mind if you cannot afford it. GGG (which stands for GOING GO GONE) have recognised that our customer needs help. Especially those who travel across the country.

We want to give them the opportunity to so without hitting the pocket and not having to miss out that one place that could possibly bring that peace which is HOME or anyone who would like to escape to unknown to find that peace of mind.

And what is peace without worrying where the money will come from.That is how GGG was born. GGG is a travel savings account that aims to help South Africans especially low based income households to travel wherever without hitting the pocket.

We have negotiated affordable travel fees from South Africa most trusted Travel Services and to make matters more affordable for you, we have come up with a payment plan that would fit your budget, an instalment that would seem close to nothing.

So come and join us! Simply send us a whatsapp on 0795300694 or email us on info.travel@goinggogone.co.za